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Membership Rules

There are 12 Membership categories, each having privileges and restrictions as set out in these rules. For each category, the Board may establish quotas and priorities and shall also determine the amount and method of payment of entrance fees for each category. Details may be obtained by the General Manager. Please click here for more information regarding Membership.


  1. Voting Members:

    • Active: adult men and women. Active Members have full privileges of the Club and full playing privileges as prescribed by the Board.

    • Non-Playing: Voting Members who are unable to play full rounds of golf for health related reasons. The Member shall retain full Clubhouse privileges but shall have no playing privileges. Dues shall be determined by the Board. Transfer in and out of this category shall be in accordance with Bylaw 8.

    • Life: former Active Members granted this distinction by the Board. A Life Member shall have all the privileges of an Active Member without payment of any subscription. The election of a Life Member may be set aside at any General Meeting at the will of the membership.

  2. Non-voting Members:

    • Social: a Member who has full privileges of the Clubhouse but is non-golfing.

    • Non-Active: a former Active Member who has full privileges of the Clubhouse but no longer actively plays golf.

    • Waitlist: a Member who has applied for Active Membership and who has paid a down payment on his or her Entrance Fee in the amount of 25% of the current fee.

    • Intermediate: Members aged 19 to 28. Intermediates may apply for 'Intermediate Non-Resident' status if they qualify with Non-Resident qualifications as stated.

    • Senior: an Active Member who has been a Member of the Club for a minimum of ten years and, having reached the age of 75, is entitled to transfer to Senior Membership. The Senior Membership category shall at no time exceed fifty Members. Dues shall be fixed at 75% of the annual dues.

    • Junior: a Member between the ages of 7 to 11 and 12 to 18.

      • Ages 7 to 11 fall under the following conditions: does not pay a Junior Entrance Fee, has restricted tee time starts, has the use of a set of clubs (property of Victoria Golf Club), exchangeable as they grow, up until the age of 12, must be supervised by an Adult Member or a Junior Member of the Club over the age of 16 when playing, and pays Junior dues.

      • Ages 12 to 18 fall under the following conditions: pays Junior Entrance Fee, Juniors entering the Intermediate category pay no fee to become Intermediate, a Junior category quota is set by the Board and entry into the category requires a vacancy from the quota or for the applicant to be a son or daughter of an Active Member.

    • Honorary: Non-Members granted this distinction by the Board. An Honorary Member shall be entitled to all privileges of the Club set by the Board. The Board may, at any time in its discretion, rescind the election of an Honorary Member.

    • Service: a Member who is a regular officer of the Canadian Armed Forces stationed in the Victoria area. Such Member will pay Active dues and have full Clubhouse and playing privileges of an Active Member. All applications for this category will be approved by the Board.

    • Non-Resident: a Member whose primary residence is either north of Ladysmith or off Vancouver Island. This cateogry includes six rounds of golf per year.

  3. Members in the categories of Life, Honorary, and Service, having been elected by the Board shall remain in such categories at the pleasure of the Board.

  4. Non-Members may be sponsored for Membership only in the categories of Active, Social, Intermediate and Junior, other categories either being category-transfer or Board elected.  Except for Social Members, two of whom may propose a non-Member for Social Membership, all applicants must be proposed by two voting Members or the Club's Membership Committee. In either case, the Membership Committee shall endeavor to ensure that applicants for Membership are properly qualified and suitable. The committee's decision in such regards shall be final and binding but may be overturned by the Board.

  5. Transfers between Member categories are subject to terms and conditions as determined by the Board and set out in Club Bylaw 8.

  6. Members desiring to retain their Membership but to withdraw from Club activities for a period of time may apply in writing to the Board for Dormant or Leave of Absence status. The Board may grant on such terms as it thinks fit, or refuse such request. 


  1. All Members, spouses, cohabiting partners of Members, their children, and guests may use all Club facilities except as otherwise provided by these rules.

  2. Unless authorized, access to the kitchen, turf center, storage areas, staff-only areas is not permitted.

  3. Access to the course and Clubhouse may, as determined by the General Manager, Pro-Shop personnel or Green Superintendent, be subject to restrictions for maintenance, special events, reserved tee times, inclement weather and any unforeseen or unusual circumstance.  Please click here for the Course Project & Closure Policy.

  4. Members in the Waitlist, Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories are subject to play restrictions.  Please click here for current Membership play restrictions.

  5. Non-Playing, Social and Non-Active Members are not permitted to play the course except as non-Member golfing guests following the Club’s guest play restrictions. Non-Playing Members may, however, make use of the Club practice facilities.

  6. Unless authorized, Social Members are not permitted access to or use of lower level washrooms, locker rooms, and adjacent social areas unless in the company of an Active, Limited Active or Intermediate Member or as a golfing guest.

  7. Spouses and cohabiting partners of Members shall have all benefits and restrictions of Social Membership. They will be provided a Spousal Membership card with all charges being placed on the primary Membership account.

  8. Junior Members are not permitted access to or use of lower level washrooms, adult locker rooms, and adjacent social areas. Areas designated for use by Junior Members are not to be accessed or used by other Members without the authorization of General Manager.


  1. Except as noted below, all applications for membership shall be proposed and seconded by voting Members. All sponsors must be personally acquainted with the applicant for a minimum of two years and shall recommend the applicant without reservation.

  2. Applications for Social Membership may also be proposed and seconded by Social Members.

  3. In the event an applicant cannot obtain qualified sponsors, the Membership Committee may serve as proposer and/or seconder.

  4. The Membership Committee will review to applicants as may be defined by the Board from time to time. Having been reviewed by the Membership Committee, all applications for new membership shall be posted in the Clubhouse for 21 days. Any Member may endorse or register disapproval of the applicant, in writing, to the General Manager setting forth the reasons in confidence. Such comments shall be considered by the Membership Committee prior to submitting a report to the Board.

  5. After considering the report of the Membership Committee, the Board may:

    • accept the applicant in the category applied for if space is available in that category, and/or

    • offer membership in an alternate category, and/or

    • place an applicant on a waiting list, or

    • reject the applicant.

  6. Junior, Intermediate and Social Entrance Fees are to be paid within 30 days of Board approval.

  7. Active Waitlist Members pay a deposit based on full payment of Entrance Fee or Incentive Plan chosen.

Leave of Absence Policy

  1. Application must be made in writing to the Board of Directors via the Membership Committee or General Manager. All applications to be considered on an individual basis.

  2. May only be taken once.

  3. Would have Clubhouse privileges but no golfing privileges.

  4. Account must be current at the time of leave.

  5. Upon application for return, would be placed at the bottom of the Waitlist.

  6. Upon return to Active status, would pay a reinstatement fee of $1,000.

Dress Code

  1. Members and guests are expected to respect the Victoria Golf Club Dress Code on and off the course, respecting the great game of golf, the history of our Club and our Membership. Members are responsible for confirming our dress code with guests prior to their arrival at the golf course. If any concerns arise, please ask any of our knowledgeable staff in the Pro Shop.

Please click here to view the current Dress Code for our golf course and clubhouse.

Membership Play Restrictions and Pace of Play

  1. Tee-time and golf restrictions may be temporarily relaxed or modified by the General Manager or Pro-Shop personnel as circumstances warrant. 

  2. Waitlist Members, subject to daily play restrictions, during the period November 1 to March 31, shall have no playing restrictions. From April 1 through October 31 such Members may play once per week plus Women's Day/Men's Night and mixed events as selected by the Board. Green fees for all Waitlist Member play shall be as determined by the Board.

  3. Non-Resident Members may play six times per year, subject to daily restrictions. Provided, however, such Members may play additional games upon payment of green fees as determined by the Board.

  4. Use of the 15th hole practice area is not permitted unless a reservation has been made through the Pro Shop.

  5. Power Carts provided by the club are permitted on club property. Operators must have a valid driver's license. Juniors are not permitted to use of golf cars although exceptions for valid reasons can be made by the Pro Shop or the General Manager.

  6. Golfers are expected to maintain an efficient pace of play. Failure to do so can result in a Member having their playing privileges restricted. Please click here to view the Pace of Play Policy.


    Click here for Current Golf Guest Play Restrictions.

  1. To play at the Victoria Golf Club, guests need to be accompanied by or introduced by a VGC Member. The Club does permit a limited amount of reciprocal play from Members of our reciprocal golf courses. To view our list of Reciprocal Courses, please click here. To view our Reciprocal Request form, please click here.

  2. Members are responsible for their guests to be aware of all Club Rules while on the property, and their actions as it pertains to the Rules.

  3. Junior Members may introduce only junior age guests and no more than three at a time without prior authorization or authorization by staff.

  4. Social, Non-Playing and Non-Active Members may not introduce golfing guests. Other Members may introduce or sponsor guests as determined by the Board. 

  5. Members with golfing privileges may introduce and play with up to 3 children between the ages of 7 and 11, who are not Junior Members, to the use of the Club's golf facilities at times approved by the Board.

  6. Non-Members and Reciprocal Guests living on the Island within a radius of 50 km of the clubhouse shall not be permitted to play in any capacity more than once per calendar month. Non-Members living outside of such radius shall not be permitted to play in any capacity more than twelve times per the calendar year.

  7. Members desiring to introduce more than ten clubhouse guests must obtain authorization from the General Manager or senior clubhouse staff on duty.

  8. Guests participating in club events, where permitted, may win prizes but are not eligible for trophies.

  9. Green Fees and charges for guests shall be as established from time to time by the Board. Click here for current Green Fee Rates.


  1. The Club is fortunate to have reciprocal privileges with a number of golf clubs in Canada and abroad.  Green Fees vary from reduced rates to full complimentary.  Members desiring to play at one of these courses should make arrangements through the Head Professional or General Manager.  Direct communication with a reciprocal club is not permitted.

  2. For a list of Reciprocal Clubs, please click here.


  1. Pets other than Service Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse

  2. No pets are permitted on the course, however, Members may walk their dogs on the course during slack times provided they are under control at all times and do not disturb golfers.  Disruptive behaviour or failure to pick up waste can result in suspension of this privilege and discipline of the Board.

  3. Suggestions and complaints, preferably in writing or email, should be addressed to the General Manager or relevant department head.  Under no circumstances should a Member reprimand or lodge a complaint to a non-managerial staff member or discuss the conduct or affairs of another Member or employee.

  4. Employees are prohibited from socializing with Members while on duty, with the exception of limited socialization between Members and Golf Professionals approved by Head Professional.  Members are expected to cooperate in this regard.

  5. Members should note that the club will not accept any liability for any loss of or damage to a member's belongings, property or vehicle. Any damage caused by a golf ball flight is the responsibility of the golfer. A Member is also responsible for any damage caused by their guest.

  6. Members are permitted to leave tips to the staff at their discretion.  Dining for parties of six or more and special functions, however, are levied an automatic gratuity. Members should also be aware that the Christmas Gratuity Fund excludes employees working in the Food and Beverage department and so Members are encouraged to give generously to that fund.

  7. Unless authorized by the General Manager, the posting by members of notices, advertising or other written material is not permitted.

  8. Verbal/audible communication on wireless devices is prohibited anywhere in the Clubhouse, it's immediate surrounding, and the golf course (except fixed phone locations). The use of wireless devices for any other purpose must be discrete and in no way interfere with the pace of play and/or enjoyment of others on the premises or on the golf course. All devices must be placed in the ‘silent or vibrate’ mode at all times. Exceptions are made for some senior management of the Club and Physicians On Call.

  9. In no case should any Member communicate in any public forum, including any form of social media, in a manner that is damaging or prejudicial to the Club.

  10. No Member shall engage in any communication on behalf of the Club without the prior authorization of the Board.

  11. Use of the Club crest, logo or name for any commercial advertising or promotional purpose without authorization from the General Manager is prohibited.

  12. Members and guests are not permitted to consume in the clubhouse food or beverages that are not provided by the Club.

  13. All Members shall be respectful to staff at all times. Any form of abuse or threatening behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  14. No Member shall deliberately or recklessly play a golf shot which could endanger the safety of another person.

  15. Please click here for information on our Frost Policy

  16. Please click here for the full Club Bylaws.

  17. In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the Club by all Members, please view our current policy on Children at the Club.

Credit and Accounts

  1. The Board may, from time to time, establish credit limits for Members. Present limits are:

    • Junior Members - $1000

    • Intermediate Members - $1500

    • All other Members - $3000

  2. The Board may from time to time establish rules for some or all Member categories requiring minimum expenditures for food and beverages purchased from the Club. 

  3. Monthly accounts are due by the end of the month in which the accounts are rendered.

  4. Members whose accounts are in arrears are subject to limitation or cancellation of credit privileges for such period as the Board may think fit. Members whose accounts are in arrears for two or more months may be wholly or partially suspended from use of club facilities as the Board may determine.       



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