Junior Lessons

2020 Junior Program Incoming

Group Lessons

Get Golf Ready

Duration: 1 hour per week
Dates: Thursdays interval starts from 4pm onward. June 18-Sept 3.
Ratio: 4:1 Instructor/Student

Description: Junior group instruction program designed to increase junior participation, introduce and build solid fundamentals and create and enjoyable learning atmosphere for learning and improving.

$390 - 12 week program
$195 - 6 week program

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Junior Development Program

Duration: 1-1.5 hours per week
Dates: Mondays interval starts from 4pm onward, June 22-September 17
Ratio: 4:1 Student/Instructor

Description: 12 hours of group and individual instruction designed to advance junior players skills as well as prepare them for competition. The program includes competitions, practice drills and training programs.

$390 - 12 week program
$195 - 6 week program

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Junior Competitive Program

Duration: 4-5 hours per week
Dates: Wednesday's at 4pm from June 17-Sept 2
Ratio: 4:1 Instructor/Student

A program created for players already competing in competitions or striving to compete in the future. This program goal is to enhance and continue to build players physical, mental and emotional skills and have them prepared for the competition season. We will use industry leading technology and coaching to give these players the opportunity to begin the season with their optimal game.

$390 - 12 week program
$195 - 6 week program

2 Day Golf Camp

Duration: 2 six hour sessions, 9am-3pm
12 hours of total coaching and instruction
Dates: June 29/30, July 6/7, 8/9, 13/14, 15/16, 20/21, 22/23, 27/28, 29/30, August 5/6
Ratio: 4:1 Instructor/Student

Description: This program was designed to build and enhance repeatable movement patterns through blocked and random skill development. 10 hours of group instruction, 4 hours of on course instruction with lunch each day and camp gift included.


Junior Eagle Practice Program

Dates: June - September 2020

A program created to allow for Junior Eagle members to access the golf course as well as be mentored and chaperoned by our professional staff to ensure they can play on the course and use all of our practice areas with proper etiquette, rules of golf and the rules of the golf club being adhered to. This is not an instructional program, it is a program on learning how to become a member and golfer.

This program includes:

  • 1 per week of group mentorship and chaperoning program although learning and improvement will occur and are part of the objective.
  • Trade-in/ trade-up club program; buy your first set of clubs and trade in for proper sizing until the age of 12.

Cost - Included in the Junior Eagle membership dues

Private Lessons

Single Lesson

Duration: ½ hour sessions
Dates: all year
Ratio: 1:1 Instructor/Student

Description: Blocked and random instruction sessions designed to give a tune-up or quick fix in specific skill development


1-Hour Lesson

Duration: 1-hour sessions
Dates: all year
Ratio: 1:1 Instructor/Student

Description: Blocked and random instruction sessions designed to give a tune-up or quick fix in specific skill development.


Junior Coaching Programs

Duration: student/instruction choice
Dates: all year
Ratio: 1:1 Instructor/Student

Description: All-encompassing intensive programs designed to accommodate any level of player and create lasting improvements. Programs include the introduction of theory, practice/training techniques, on course playing/strategy and tactics along with individual skill development. Student and instructor decide on the duration of individual lessons based on the package structure.

$160 (2hrs) $350 (5hrs) $550 (10hrs)

Junior Emergency Contact Form

For more information on any of these programs, please contact our Director of Instruction, Arlen Wocknitz by Email at arlenw@victoriagolf.com or Call: 250-598-4322.